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      The Epson Way

      Management Philosophy

      Epson's management philosophy has been translated into 14 languages. To view the Management Philosophy in a different language, click Management Philosophy.

      Management Philosophy

      Principles of Corporate Behaviour

      This document outlines the basic principles of conduct that Epson Group companies, officers and employees must follow to ensure that business is conducted in a socially, environmentally and economically responsible manner. Following these principles will help ensure that Epson creates customer value and maintains the trust of all stakeholders in line with the corporate management philosophy.

      Principles of Corporate Behaviour

      Notice of Amendments to Principles of Corporate Behavior (October 2017)

      The Epson Global Code of Conduct was established to provide Epson employees around the world with a set of common code of conduct in making the right decisions and conducting themselves in the right way.

      Epson Global Code of Conduct PDF (755KB)

      Exceed Your Vision

      Epson aims to exceed its customers' expectations and visions with products and services that help create more colorful and richer lifestyles. Read here for more information about the "Exceed Your Vision" brand tagline.

      Exceed Your Vision

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