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      At a Glance

      Visual Products Operations Division

      Products for Office and Business Applications

      The global projector market share leader for 17 consecutive years*1

      *1 Unit volume share for projectors with 500 lumens or more from 2001-2017. (Source: Futuresource Consulting Limited research)

      Meetings and education

      Business projectors (mobile models)
      Bright, lightweight, mobile projectors for use on the road

      Images are crisp and vivid even in brightly lit rooms. A short-throw lens allows you to project a big picture from a short distance. A4 in size, 44 mm thick, and weighing 1.8 kg, our mobile business projectors are slim enough to effortlessly slip into a business bag along with a notebook PC and documents, making them easy to transport, whether in-house or on the road.

      Wall-mountable ultra-short throw projectors
      Increase meeting and lesson efficiency with a host of editing functions

      Using a projector with an ultra-short throw lens allows people to stand in front of the projected image without making a shadow. They can use an interactive pen or finger to interact with a PC to click, drag, and otherwise control images. Increase meeting and lesson efficiency with editing functions that allow you to write or draw directly on projected images or zoom in on selected parts and print. Furthermore, a new laser model projector offers higher brightness than lamp models and eliminates the need for lamp replacement, remaining maintenance-free for years.

      Service industries

      Smart glasses
      Achieving new levels of service

      Smart glasses with Epson's proprietary see-through silicon OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays allow you to watch video images and augmented reality. Designed to be enjoyed by adults and by children seven years of age and up, these smart glasses adapt to a wide range of head sizes. They are robust and durable enough for commercial use, and offer new service possibilities, such as subtitles for art galleries and museums, cinemas and theaters, and sightseeing guides.


      Products for Commercial and Industrial Applications

      Projectors for events, signage, and spatial displays

      3LCD laser projectors
      Laser light sources offer both brightness and reliability

      Epson's projector lineup includes laser models that deliver up to 25,000 lumens of brightness, for images with rich color and intricate detail. Remaining virtually maintenance-free for years, our laser projectors are powerful performers for large-venue events thanks to flexible 360-degree installation, a rugged design, and a sealed cooling system for protection against smoke. Epson also provides convenient laser lighting models that can simultaneously be used as a video projector and spotlight, for decor and displays in retail, hospitality, and entertainment applications.

      High-brightness model
      Accent lighting model


      Smart headset
      Revolutionizing work processes with Moverio Pro

      Comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time and offering improved hands-free operation along with image recognition enabled by high-performance sensors, the Moverio Pro offers new value in the workplace. With binocular vision, you can see objects with information or images superimposed on them, enabling you to work safely and efficiently.

      This smart headset enables efficient and accurate work in a range of workplace environments and can be used to assist operations on-site or remotely.

      (helmet not included)

      Products for Home and SOHO Applications

      Home projectors

      Turning living rooms into movie theaters

      Epson projectors use a 3LCD system to project bright, smooth, natural-looking color images that are easy on the eyes.

      We are expanding the potential for visually communicating thoughts, ideas, and excitement via big-screen projected images in varied settings.

      Extensive lineup

      We have an extensive lineup that ranges from high-quality models for enjoying high-definition images to ultra-short throw models that boast unbeatable installation flexibility

      High-end model
      Ultra-short throw model

      Top of the range models

      Consumer smart glasses

      Compact and lighter smart glasses offer outstanding image quality

      Epson's proprietary see-through smart glasses with silicon OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays enable users to enjoy augmented reality images. See-through displays deliver perceived big-screen images, hands-free, so you can keep your eyes on your drone while you monitor the images you're capturing or enjoy immersive games that overlay digital images onto the real world.


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