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      Management Message

      Minoru Usui, President

      Since it was founded more than 70 years ago Epson has continued to produce innovative products and services based on its efficient, compact and precision technologies. As embodied by our "Exceed Your Vision" corporate tagline, we have focused our corporate ethos of creativity and challenge on exceeding the expectations of our customers around the world with the ultimate aim of becoming an indispensable company for both our customers and for society in general.

      In fiscal 2016 we began implementing the Epson 25 Corporate Vision, which charts Epson's course and describes where we would like to be in ten years. Under this vision, we aim to build on the foundations we have made over the years as we look to create a new connected age of people, things and information with our efficient, compact and precision technologies.

      Advances in information and communications technology mean increasing amounts of information will become available on the internet, and so-called cyber space will continue to expand. Epson believes that products acting as the interface between cyber space and the actual or real world where businesses operate and people live will be of critical importance. As a company that specializes in generating value in the real world, Epson will take these macro trends on board and will leverage its core technologies to generate unique value in products and services based on its efficient, compact and precision technologies. By doing this, Epson aims to help free people from repetitive manual work and from unnecessary wastes of money, effort and time, to dramatically reduce customers' environmental impact and improve their work processes, and to significantly improve customer performance in the form of productivity, accuracy and customer creativity.

      By generating value with its technologies, Epson aims to bring positive change to the world through innovations in four areas. We will achieve inkjet innovation by providing inkjet printers with high environmental performance to the office and industry together with an in-office paper recycler that uses a dry process, and will achieve visual innovation by revolutionizing visual communications. We will seek to achieve wearables innovation with products that provide wearers with enjoyment and a sense of status, and robotics innovation with robots that support people in a wide variety of situations. By achieving these goals, we will help free people from repetitive manual work and from unnecessary wastes of time and energy, heighten people's creativity, and create a sustainable and affluent society in which people enjoy safe and healthy lifestyles.

      Epson has established an original vertically integrated business model as the best possible means to realizing its aspiration of constantly generating new customer value. We develop and manufacture in-house unique and competitive core devices including printheads for inkjet printers, optical engines for projectors, semiconductors and quartz crystal devices. I firmly believe we are able to provide on a timely basis to customers products and services that exceed their expectations because of our deep familiarity with these core devices, our planning and design of distinctive products, and our advanced capability to manufacture finished products to a consistently high standard. This business model will be the base for achieving our four innovations.

      Under Epson 25, we will strengthen the companywide functions of human resources, technology, manufacturing, sales & support and the environment, utilize information technology, and advance our original business model as we seek to bring our vision to reality. As I mentioned, our aim under the vision is to use our technologies to create a new connected age of people, things and information, and by doing this I believe we can become an indispensable company to our customers and to society in general.

      I look forward to your ongoing support as we move forward to achieve these goals.

      Minoru Usui
      Minoru Usui

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